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Endoscopy Maintenance

Adronic is one very few companies who has ISO 13485 and GMP licenses for Repairing Medical Endoscope in the world since 2017. Adronic is confident in quality of the parts we use for our repairs that a devices life will be extended and continue to perform at the highest OEM standards, this also includes education our technicians specialist training from Japan, Germany and Switzerland supported by the original manufacturer to achieve nationally recognized qualifications. 

Endoscope Repairs

Adronic follow the Manufacturer’s optical specification where possible to ensure the original quality of the scope is maintained, using high quality compatible parts. Any manufacturers or CE marks are retained.

 We are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP accredited.

 European parts are used to ensure the longevity of your endoscope repair.

 Our trained technicians work through a repair report, and calibrated equipment sets your                 endoscope up so that it works to its optimum ability.

 A full breakdown and summary report of the endoscope repair work carried out is provided.

 Reverse engineering is utilised, through Surgical Holdings engineering workshop to allow us           to manufacture parts for the latest models of scopes where required.

 All parts have full traceability through our ISO 13485/GMP accredited quality system. 

Endoscope Repairs Legal Liability

In the very unlikely event of an endoscope that we have repaired being involved in an adverse incident and that the incident was related to the repair that we had carried out, Adronic can forward a copy of our policy documents to anyone that wishes to have them.

Endoscope Repairs Process

 Scope booked into database for traceability, s/n, make and model.

 Photo is taken down the scope to assess condition.

 Lenses are stripped; condition of each optical component inspected.

 Ensure Broken parts replaced and all original components working.

 All components microscopically inspected to ensure fully working.

 Scope undergoes range of stringent tests - another photo is taken.

 You are contacted (fax, email or phone) with the price of the repair.

 On acceptance, the repair is completed.

 Endoscope is packed and sent with a detailed customer report.

Endoscope After Repair Warranty

We offer 6 month guarantee on our endoscope repair service.




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